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Into The Malaysian Countryside


Over the weekend I had trip down to Malacca. I was a facilitator for a homestay character building camp so I decided to bring my camera along in anticipation of scenic views of the kampung (village). I wasn’t disappointed.

In this photoset, you will see a glimpses of the paddy fields, rubber estates and palm oil in Malaysia. 

However with the nature of my job, I had to constantly be on the lookout for my camp participants, therefore I just stuck to the basic photography I could do. Pictures I chose to upload here are also unedited (again) and straight out of the camera (again). Hope you guys enjoy it anyway.  



Rubber tapping demonstration - Kg. Parit Penghulu, Malacca 

Rubber tapping and collection  - Kg. Parit Penghulu, Malacca - Aug 2013

Palm Oil Fruits - Kg. Parit Penghulu, Malacca - Aug 2013

Sunset over the paddy fields in Malacca- Johor Border. 

Machinery used to harvest paddy. - Paddy fields bordering Melaka and Johor. August 2013